Hand Embroidery Designs | Bead stitch with double buttonhole | Stitch and Flower-106

Hand Embroidery Designs | Bead stitch with double buttonhole | Stitch and Flower-106

In the past, designs for embroidery were created by hand. You’d have to spend long hours tracing patterns by hand with your pencil. And it’s not that simple! Patterns that have to be traced have to be carefully looked over every time to make sure that it is being done the right way. Nowadays, designing for embroidery is made easier and most anyone can do it. All you have to do is use embroidery software.

Embroidery software is easy-to-use and normally comes with a machine that you can use it in. The software lets the machine to the tracing for you and it creates great quality traces every time.

Some types

Digitizing Software: This type of software is one of popular ones used for embroidery. It is simple to use and offers you different tools that are fairly easy to learn. This software lets you create beautiful designs that are entirely your own. It also works well with pattern pills, clip arts, and stitch patterns to name some.

Lettering Software: This type of software allows you to make letters for your embroidery design. With a number of tools, it can help you comfortably do your designs. The software can be downloaded from the Internet and also allows for ways to auto digitize, photo stitch, and edit any design.


There are different types of embroidery software out there that you can use, each one featuring a characteristic that is different from another. Regardless of the type of software that you buy, each is sure to make your embroidery experience unique and memorable. When you buy one, make sure to read the instructions carefully so you can fully utilize the software and its different features.

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