Flower Making

Crochet flower making video is ready, I hope you like. It is very easy to make this flower that you can use especially in your knitting bags and it is very different according to the yarn you will use.

There are a lot of techniques for making crocheted flowers, the technique I will teach is just one of them. I took a 10-minute lasting flower motif, this time both for the fabric and I photographed. Let’s start our easy weave flower if our wool and crochet is ready.
Knit-crochet flowers can be used anywhere.

Clothes with them are adorned, hats, shawls are festive, jewelry can be made; It can attach to any flowers in this place. On the following pages you will see a lot of knitted flower patterns, recipes and narrative videos.
How to make knitting flowers?

Used rope: Alize Cotton Gold
Crochet: 2.5 mm

42 chain pulling weave weave flower
The first chain is skipped, the second chain is made of 1 handrail and the third chain is made of 1 handrail.

After this 2 trabzandan pull 2 ​​chains and the next stitch is made with 1 handrail.
Right next to a handrail. In this way, 2 handrail 2 chain pull, 2 handles to proceed to the end of the row
A top row is started again by pulling a chain.
Two frequent needles are made on the handles.
By making 5 handles on the chains, the entire row is knitted in this way.


You will have a knit ribbon formed as follows. As in the photo gives the shape of flowering, sewing we fasten the weave.

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