Hand Embroidery | Flower Designs for Dresses | HandiWorks #56

Hand Embroidery | Flower Designs for Dresses | HandiWorks #56

Floral Embroidery Patterns by HandiWorks:
Flowers and florals are popular embroidery motifs and are available in a range of styles from classic to contemporary. These New Hand Stitching designs feature flowers and leaf patterns.

Technique a beautiful guide to Hand Embroidery for beginners and more experienced embroiderers.

You can stitch any of pattern using these stitches, If you’ve embroidered any other designs based on Bulnion, Twisted Chain, Fishbone stitch or Feather stitch technique, I would love to see them. Please give a description and leave the link to your comments so that other viewers could view them, as well.
Happy stitching!

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